How’s Your Bible Reading Going?

A great post from Pastor Ryan Kelly helping us look at reasons why sticking to a Bible-reading plan can become a challenge!

Ryan Kelly: How’s Your Bible Reading Going?

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About jaxpastor

I am the pastor-teacher of Eastside Community Church (an Evangelical Free Church) located in Jacksonville, Florida.
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2 Responses to How’s Your Bible Reading Going?

  1. popsdumonde says:

    I started this year with the Navigator system, 3rd year running, that you recommended, i really like the plan but sometimes wish I would have started this year with the plan you are using.

    • jaxpastor says:

      You don’t need to wait until next year! You can start Grant Horner’s plan anytime! Just work to stay on the schedule once you start. Bookmarks really help. I made myself some durable bookmarks (numbered 1 through 10) to keep track of where I’m reading.

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